• Belt retractor

Tension belt retractor

No more knots and chaotic tangles in the belts. The loose belt is inserted in the groove of the winder and is rolled up cleanly and tidily in only a few seconds. This goes easy on the belt and keepsit in a good functional condition for longer.

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Tension belt retractor

In a set with practical hand crank

ArticleWeight (kg)Material
Standard belt retractor  (belts up to 8.0 m long, 50 mm wide)0,89 Polyethylen (HD-PE), black
Large belt retractor (belts up to 10.0 m long, 60 mm wide)1,00Polyethylen (HD-PE), black

4-piece, consisting of:

  • Hand crank
  • Shaft for belts up to 8.0 m long and 50 mm wide (standard) or Axle for belts up to 10.0 m long and 60 mm wide (large)
  • Plate with hooks
  • Floor plate (excl. fastening material)
hand crank

The ideal supplement: drum for straps or ratchets

Polyethylen (HD-PE) black


  • Tube
  • Riveted end cap
  • Carrying straps

Capacity Drum Ø 250 mm, Height 250 mm: 
5 belts with length of 10.0 m and width of 50 mm

Drum for straps or ratchets (PDF)

 The ideal supplement: drum for straps or ratchets

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