• Coupling cabinets

Special parts for silo vehicles

Intelligent solutions for the daily use of silo vehicles

Especially for all problems encountered with silo vehicles: intelligent product ideas for safe transportation and practical stowage of materials and tools.

  • Coupling cabinets with a size that ideally utilises the available space and provides sufficient storage space for all couplings and flanges.
  • Mat boxes with a depth that allows the storage of a CPO filter mat.
  • Tank exhaust filter for clean, quiet, and filtered exhaust air. This means that unloading can also take place in residential areas and spa towns without problems.
  • Air suction channels supply the compressor with the required air and avoid the sucking in of dust, dirt, and exhaust gases that are found at street level.
  • Individual add-on parts for superstructure manufacturers such as remotecontrolled tubulars, protective caps for under-ride side guard profiles, casing for hydraulic aggregates, and top filters. Contact us for more information!

Special parts for silo vehicles (PDF)General catalogue (PDF)

Coupling cabinets for tanker and silo vehicles

With the coupling cabinets, ROWEKO offers a clear and clean solution. Missing parts are noticed immediately. A tight fit in the pocket wall and in the bottom of the mold avoids damage. The doors are riveted to the box with 4 hinges each. The hinges and rivets are made from stainless steel (V2A) and the closing angles are made from aluminium. The doors also have a circumferential EPDM seal. The lock is protected from the elements by means of a cap. The accessories give an overview of all couplings and flanges.

Width: 920 mm
Depth: 460 mm
Height: 920 mm
Weight: 15,7 kg


  • Pocket wall, HD-PE black, with 10 openings + 1 hook
  • Drawer, HD-PE black, edged with riveted aluminium angles on the sides, 880 x 190 x 70 mm
  • Mounted bottom, HD-PE black, for 6 couplings and tube adapters incl. belts, side holder for pipe elbow, 2 side hooks
  • Shelf for security clips, HD-PE black, edged with riveted aluminium angles on the sides, 4 welded tube sleeves, 2 welded support cables (VA), 880 x 250 x 160 mm

Coupling cabinets for tanker and silo vehicles (PDF)

Open coupling cabinet

Exhaust air purification

The installation of an exhaust filter at the exhaust valve sustainably reduces

  • Noise pollution from whistling sounds
  • Environmental pollution (fumes caused by residues of dusty goods)
  • Long standstills while emptying the tank (drainage not permitted while the vehicle is travelling)

The filter hose made of polyester needle felt is easily removed and cleaned. Cleaning frequency depends on the media being transported and how much is left in the tank. Connected e.g. by a Storz B coupling with 2.5" female thread. Matching fastening clips are available as accessories.

Length:  2,000 mm
HD-PE tube:  Ø 250 x 6,1 mm
Weight:  12,8 kg


Tube: Tube Ø of 250 x 6.1 mm, length of 2,000 mm, front cap with filter tube is retained by means of 3 clamps (riveted to tube), end cap with air outlet slots and internal spray protect, welded to the tube.
Filter: Filter tube Ø of 200 mm, length of 1,800 mm, moisture refuse, air permeability of approx. 250 l/m²/min, filter tube lid Ø of 200 mm, 50 mm high with welded-on steep nipple. R2 ½" external thread. Strap with control spring for filter tube.

Exhaust air purification (PDF)

Exhaust air purification
Exhaust air purification installed
Exhaust air purification installed

Filter mat boxes for silo vehicles

Specially for transporting the dispersing mat. 2 shells are riveted together so as to permit a circulation of air to prevent the cleaned mat from going mouldy. Accessories include permeable linen bag for cleaned filter mat, 1000 mm x 1200 mm with cord.

Size (Width x Depth x Height):
Width: 960 mm
Depth: 960 mm
Height: 340 mm
Weight: 12,4 kg

Filter mat boxes for silo vehicles (PDF)

Filter mat box
Linen bag
Filter mat box installed

Air suction channel for compressors type 1

To prevent excessive pressure, dust or exhaust gases from getting into the compressor, all ROWEKO air intake ducts are designed so that the air is sucked in from areas of the vehicle that are not near the floor. The simple installation of the individual components keeps both the shipping and follow-up costs low. All components are available as individual or spare parts. Made of 2 shells and welded together in the middle to be waterproof. The hose connection is available in diameters of 110 mm + 120 mm.

Size (width x height x depth):

Width: 300 mm
Overall height: 1600 mm
Depth: 80 mm
Weight: 3,9 kg

Air suction channel for compressors (PDF)

Air suction channel type 1

Air suction channel XL

Size (width x height x depth):
Width: 330 mm
Height: 2150 mm
Depth: 170 mm
Mount hole distance of 300 mm

Polyethylene plastic (HD-PE), black


  • 2 tubes with Ø of 110 x 2000 mm  (standard length), welded with connection piece with Ø of 102 or 125 mm
  • 2 fastening clips, pre-mounted, height-adjustable
  • Cap with ventilation slots, incl. mounting rivets for mounting to suction tubes

Air suction channel XL for compressors (PDF)


Air suction channel XL

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