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Product advantages

Under-ride side guardsSince January 1994, all ROWEKO toolboxes have been type-approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (approval no. 90442). This permits their unrestricted use as under-ride side guards in accordance with EEC Directive 89/297. All the required tests have been carried out and certified under the supervision of the German technical inspection agency, south-western division (TÜV Südwest).Furthermore, all ROWEKO toolboxes meet the specifications in the international rule ECE-R73. All required information can be found on the cover in line with regulations.
Water- tightness

ROWEKO toolboxes are produced by vacuum moulding methold. Bodies and covers are moulded separately on two machines. The two parts are then shrunk to form a tight unit. For you, this means:

  • Splashproof without the need for an additional rubber seal
  • The use of only one type of plastic makes it easier to recycle
  • Ice and snow in wintertime will not cause the box and cover to become "glued together"
Corrosion-resistant mounting parts

ROWEKO uses only high-quality materials for mounting its toolboxes. Long life is guaranteed through:

  • Hinges and rivets made from corrosion-proof V2A steel
  • Aluminium push-fit brackets
  • Locks made of brass and zinc die (stainless steel available for additional fee)
  • Securing hoops and snap locks made from polyethylene (HD-PE)
  • Padlock shackles made of stainless V2A steel
WeightThe best possible volume-to-weight ratio is achieved by the use of the economical vacuum moulding method. In comparison to other production methods, great wall thicknesses are not required to achieve maximum stability. And maximum stability is achieved; it is certified by the German technical inspection agency
Lock cover

ROWEKO ensures a long life with its specially designed lock cover featuring:

  • UV-resistant material
  • Secure fastening through tight fit
  • High stability of the mounting aperture
  • Long-lasting flexibility through integral hinges
Storage spaceThe entire interior capacity of ROWEKO toolboxes can be utilised as storage space. Drawers and inserts allow the space to be subdivided to suit individual requirements, as well as keeping order and giving the user an overview of the box contents. The wide range of types available means that there is a toolbox to suit every type of truck. 
CleaningThe interior of ROWEKO toolboxes can be easily cleaned with a steam blaster, as the complete drainage of cleaning agents is guaranteed. Lashing straps and tools remain out of the water and functional. Thus no pools of water form, which can cause to hinges breaking when there is a frost.
MountsThe flat steel mounts (in stronger material) are bent from a sheet that matches the box in question. The mount fully encapsulates the box. The front and rear clamps only need to be affixed with screws in the premarked holes on the box. All parts required for the mount are included to allow for a quick assembly.
  • Integrated recessed grips make it easier to open and close the cover (not available with all types of locks)
  • Safely rounded aluminium closing angles
  • Wing knob
  • Your company logo can be easily incorporated onto the cover, thus the toolbox also functions as an effective marketing tool.
  • All of our products are "Made in Germany", meaning that all components are subjected to a comprehensive spare part guarantee.


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