• Mudguard installed

Multi-axle mudguard for 2-/ 3-axle unit

Span length (standard):
3-axle unit = 4,250 mm

Lenght central part: 2.350 mm or according to customer instructions
Radius of curved sections: 700 mm
Width: 420 mm

HD-PE black


  • Middle section, double-sided with 7 mounting holes
  • Mounting accessories (VA rivets and washers) optionally available
ArticleWeight (kg)
Central part 2350 mm
other lengths on request
Radius of curved section 700 mm2,50

ATTENTION: Not a stock item! Minimum order volume 20 pc.

Multi-axle mudguard (PDF)Contact us

Multi-axle mudguard for 2-/ 3-axle unit

Mounting for mudguard

Extension length of 360 mm, adjustable range of 190 mm for radii of 650-700 mm

PA + GfK, black

Complete mounting consisting of:

  • 2 arches with clamp for tube with Ø of 42 mm and fastening material
  • 1 tube (glass fibre reinforced plastic), Ø of 42 mm, length of 580 mm or 750 mm
  • 1 mounting for chassis
  • End cap for GRP tube, Ø of 42 mm
ArticleWeight (kg)
Variable arch 0,21
GRP tube 
Ø 42 mm, length 580 mm0,43
Ø 42 mm, length 750 mm0,59
Mounting for chassis0,25
End cap for tube Ø 42 mm0,01


Mounting for mudguard

ROWEKO special mudguard solutions

We develop concepts according to your requests and produce parts according to your drawings. ROWEKO special solutions with know-how, as individual as your requirements.

special mudguard solution 1
special mudguard solution 2
special mudguard solution 3
special mudguard solution 4

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