• Document roll with crew cover opened and closed

Document roll with screw cover

Tube: Ø 40 -110 mm, length 330 mm (standard)
Lid: Ø 55 - 145 mm

HD-PE black

The lid (with thread and seal) is welded with the tube from the outside and the end cap is press-fitted into the tube.

Stainless steel retaining cable to secure the lid, plastic coated

ArticleWeight (kg)
Document roll 
Tube-Ø 40 mm0,13
Tube-Ø 50 mm0,23
Tube-Ø 63 mm0,36
Tube-Ø 75 mm0,40
Tube-Ø 90 mm0,58
Tube-Ø 110 mm0,80

Document roll with screw cover (PDF)General catalogue (PDF)

Document roll with screw over opened
cross-section document roll
Retaining cable for the lid

Fastening clip for document roll

Matching fastening clips can be supplied for all document rolls. 2 are needed for each document roll.
2- part, galvanised steel with welded on nut.

ArticleWeight (kg)
Tube-Ø 40 mm0,047
Tube-Ø 50 mm0,054
Tube-Ø 63 mm0,096
Tube-Ø 75 mm0,107
Tube-Ø 90 mm0,110
Tube-Ø 110 mm0,125


Fastening Clip

Fastening console for document roll

2-part, black HD-PE for tube-Ø 110 mm. If you order the console at the same time, it is automatically welded onto the document roll. x = 130 mm, y = 200 mm

Fastening console double
Fastening console single

Tube clip for document roll

For light contents, a pipe clamp made of robust HDPE plastic is usually sufficient. The pipe clamp can be placed variably.

Tube clip for tube-Ø 90 mm:  single
Tube clip for tube-Ø 110 mm: single/double
Tube clip for tube-Ø 125 mm: single/double

Tube Clip

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