• Transportation tube on a roof rack

Transportation tube for roof rack

No more bent or damaged parts

Whether copper piping or measuring rods: no more bent or damaged parts. This transportation tube is ideal for anyone wanting to transport long items safely on the vehicle roof.

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Transportation tube for roof rack

The transportation tube is available as a single tube. The length stated always refers to the hose length. The door and end cap make the total length approx. 80 mm longer.

In the standard version, a door with flange is riveted to one side of the tube (riveted from inside to outside), and an end cap to the other side. On request, doors can be fitted to both sides.

Vehicle with transportation tube on a roof rack

Single transportation tube

Size (m)Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
2,1 / 3,1 / 4,1 / 5,1 / 6,1125 x 3,11,23
2,1 / 3,1 / 4,1 / 5,1 / 6,1160 x 3,91,95
2,1 / 3,1 / 4,1 / 5,1 / 6,1200 x 4,93,05
2,1 / 3,1 / 4,1 / 5,1 / 6,1250 x 6,24,83


Flange and end cap fixed to tube with stainless steel rivets. The flange is riveted from the inside to the outside. The flange has a reinforced closing angle. The lid has a Roweko logo (lasered) and is riveted to the flange with a VA hinge. This is sealed with a security rotary bolt (standard: double bit). The closing tab is longer. 2 plastic keys are included.

Accessories / Options:

  • Fastening Clip
  • Other locking systems (Spare parts)
  • Intermediate lengths are possible for all models (4% surcharge)
Single transportation tube

Tube in tube system

3 pipes are inserted into the transportation tube for partitioning purposes. Their lengths are adapted in line with the transportation tube (max. possible length of 3,100 mm). Only for tube diameter 200 mm.

Article for Ø (mm)Weight (kg)Size (mm)
200 (to 3.10 m)1,95/m90/90/90
Tube in tube system triple
Tube in tube system installed

Retriever sleeve

Plastic tube (length of 100 mm), open on one side, for returning short goods. The belt is riveted onto the flange and the belt length is adapted in line with the transportation tube (standard length of 3.3 m).

Article for Ø [mm]Weight (kg)
Belt (for excess lengths over 3.1 m) 
Transportation tube with retriever sleeve
Retriever sleeve application


Fastening clip - quick and safe

The fastening clip is used to fasten the transportation tube quickly and safely on the crossbeam of the roof rack. The stainless steel fastening clip also sets visual accents.

When fastening to the roof rack, ensure that the overhang does not exceed 40 cm. Polyethylene tends to stretch when exposed to heat and becomes less rigid. An excessive tube overhang may result in the transportation tube bending downwards. This physical material property does not constitute any grounds for a complaint. It can be prevented by correctly mounting the system on the roof according to the instructions.

The maximum spacing between the clips must not exceed 1.4 m. This means for example that at least 3 clips are needed for a 3.1 m tube (max. overhang 0.4 m). 

Gripper clamp

Article for Ø (mm)Weight (kg)


3-piece, consisting of: 1 x elbow with plates, 1 x tube carrier plate, 2 x U-clamping profile, M8 x 70 mm screw set (suitable for carrier profile of max. 35 x 25 mm).


The clamp is suitable for larger profiles. Support profiles with a maximum width of 70 mm and a maximum height of 50 mm can be clamped here.

Article for Ø (mm)Weight (kg)


3-piece, consisting of: 2 x M10 round bracket incl. washer + nut, 1 x tube carrier plate, 2 x U-clamping profile (suitable for carrier profile of max. 45/70 x 50 mm).

Clamp installed

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