Toolboxes: all sizes at a glance

Truck storage boxes made of plastic for many applications

Whether mounted permanently to the vehicle or portable for use en route, Roweko toolboxes are convincing thanks to their lightweight design, high functionality and well thought-out concept.

  • Large choice of locks and closures
  • Up to 4 drawers ensure that the contents are kept in good order (accessories)
  • Flat-steel mountings make it easy to fasten the toolbox to the vehicle (accessory)

General catalogue (PDF)Watch installation video


Unfortunately there is no standard article for this combination.

For individual inquiries, please write us an email.

Overview toolboxes

TypeWidth mmDepth mmHeight mmDownload PDF
Type 1600 mm500 mm460 mmDownload
Type 1-V460 mm500 mm600 mmDownload
Type 2650 mm600 mm350 mmDownload
Type 2-V350 mm600 mm650 mmDownload
Type 3600 mm450 mm460 mmDownload
Type 4440 mm440/600 mm450/180 mmDownload
Type 6630 mm600 mm545 mmDownload
Type 6-H630 mm600 mm545 mmDownload
Type 7545 mm600 mm630 mmDownload
Type 8820 mm600 mm540 mmDownload
Type 9650 mm610 mm400 mmDownload
Type 10920 mm470 mm510 mmDownload
Type 13650 mm330 mm350 mmDownload
Type 13-S650 mm290 mm350 mmDownload
Type 15650 mm440 mm350 mmDownload
Type 16650 mm430 mm400 mmDownload
Type 171200 mm550 mm630 mmDownload
Type 18480 mm400 mm440 mmDownload
Type 18-V440 mm410 mm480 mmDownload
Type 20720 mm280 mm310 mmDownload
Type 28845 mm340 mm465 mmDownload
Type 29560 mm360 mm430 mmDownload


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